Dunk’n Dip offers the royal treat-ment

The east end of Port Credit is home to a trendy and modern Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. This not-so-average dessert restaurant offers an eclectic menu with a warm and inviting atmosphere to comfort any sweet tooth.

“The name Dunk’n Dip is a twist on an Arabic custom which invites people to eat, dig in, and share the meal,” said Diane Thai-Baba, manager of Dunk’n Dip.

As you receive the red carpet treatment walking into the shop, you notice the black-and-white décor with red accents and the four chocolate fountains flowing right in front of you, which makes your mouth water. Jars of various marshmallows, Rice Krispies, and cinnamon sticks decorate the lighting fixtures, which adds to the Willy Wonka effect.

The royal red carpet is rolled out all year long and offers a variety of warm treats in the winter season. Some of its specialties are the hot chocolates and organic roasted coffee. The menu is inspired from flavours from around the world: Italian gelato, New York styled cheesecakes, savoury Mediterranean crepes, and Belgian waffles and chocolate. Everything on the menu gives a perfect photo-op for the social media aficionado.

The savoury ‘Waffle Burger’ sandwich is a juicy double-decker hamburger in between three toasted fresh waffles, lettuce, pickles, and onions, with a spicy chipotle spread. One of the most popular menu items, this waffle burger satisfies any hungry stomach.


The ‘Surprise Me’ is a staff favourite; three crepes filled with different fillings from brownie, banana custard, apple cinnamon, fresh fruit, and more with your choice of Belgian chocolate drizzled over top.


The Fettuccini Crepe cleverly emulates a pasta dish. Strips of crepes fill the plate, with a large scoop of your choice of gelato in the middle, all smothered with chocolate fondue.


“The owner, Moutaz Al Khatib is from the neighbourhood and knows a lot of the customers and quickly became a part of the Port Credit community,” said Thai-Baba.

The business supports the local Kids CAN charity, a school program that provides support and encouragement for children and youth with autism and other developmental disorders. In November 2013, Dunk’n Dip raised over $2,000 for the charity through donations and a silent auction.

Another charitable act is the ‘suspended coffee’ program which is common in Toronto and other major cities around the world. “We allow people to give a daily act of kindness with the program,” said Thai-Baba. “Customers can purchase a coffee for someone in need, which is suspended until someone comes in and requests a coffee.” The program is identified with a special sticker on the storefront window.

Dunk’n Dip’s lively and cozy ambience accommodates various types of gatherings, from a first date, business meeting, or a Willy Wonka themed birthday party.

Check out Dunk’n Dip’s Instagram- @dunkndip.

For further information, visit www.dunknip.ca.


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